TCT’s $17,500 Sponsorship and Top-Notch Fiber Internet Propel Northwest College’s Esports to Stardom

NWC Esports Team - TCT Support

TCT’s Fiber Internet and Northwest College: Pioneering Online Gaming in Powell, WY

The Genesis of a Gaming Revolution in Powell, WY

Brian Erickson, the Athletic Director of Northwest College, paints a vivid picture of the exciting world of collegiate Esports, stating, “Esports is one of the fastest growing sports at colleges and universities. Northwest College saw an increased interest from our current and prospective students wanting to be on an Esports team.” When the college decided to embrace this wave, TCT, a leading local fiber internet provider, was at the forefront. Erickson continues, “As we moved forward with the idea, TCT jumped at the opportunity to help Northwest College build an Esports arena. TCT has helped provide a learning environment for our students and an atmosphere for students to compete.”

Beyond the glitz and glam of online gaming, Esports at Northwest College has become a melting pot of cultures. Brian shares, “Esports has provided our students with a sense of TEAM. We have students of all cultures, creeds, demographics, coming together to compete at a high level.” Through TCT’s involvement, Powell’s Esports community now stands as a beacon of unity and competitive spirit.

Elevating Online Gaming with TCT’s Fiber Internet and Philanthropy

In the dynamic realm of online gaming, consistent, fast, and reliable internet is paramount. Reflecting on this, Brian emphasizes, “When streaming and competing in Esports the internet connection is of most importance. TCT has provided the arena with top-of-the-line internet. Thanks to TCT and their service that is provided, we are never the cause of these issues, we are able to compete and worry about our strategies instead of connection issues.” This impeccable quality of fiber internet in Powell, WY, offered by TCT, ensures an elite gaming experience for everyone.

TCT’s alliance with Northwest College isn’t just about providing stellar fiber internet. Recognizing the monetary challenges many students face, TCT extends its generosity. Brian gratefully notes, “TCT provides $17,500 in scholarships for the Esports team each year to help students with their financial costs.” Such benevolence is a testament to TCT’s commitment to nurturing Powell’s future gaming champions.

Scaling New Heights in Esports and The Road Ahead

Under TCT’s robust support, Northwest College’s Esports team has thrived. Brian proudly recounts, “Our Esports Program started with about 15 students, and currently in our 3rd year, and 5th season of competing we are at 47 students on active rosters competing weekly!” The team’s accolades don’t end there. Erickson adds, “Our Overwatch team and Call of Duty teams the past two seasons have been national contenders.”

With a vision to further enhance the Esports experience, Brian shares future goals, “With the help of TCT we have doubled the size of our team in 2 years. Future goals are to have additional stations for practicing, specific stations for Streaming and Competition on a raised platform with a dynamic backdrop, as well as a Streaming/Commentary Room.” Meanwhile, TCT is on a mission to ensure every home in Powell, WY benefits from its unmatched online gaming infrastructure.

The camaraderie between TCT and Northwest College is not just about elevating online gaming standards in Powell, WY. It’s a story of partnership, dedication, and a shared vision that epitomizes the best of sportsmanship, technology, and community spirit.

NWC Call of Duty Team - 2023
Photo by Alissa Megargel, owner of Megargel Media

Joining Forces for Victory: How You Can Support the NWC Esports Team

The synergy between NWC Esports and TCT is poised to elevate the gaming arena to new heights. This partnership has provided a huge boost to the program, but to realize their full potential, they need your support. Contributing to the program is more than just a donation; it’s an investment into a community that fosters teamwork, strategic thinking, and technological skill. Your financial support will directly enhance the gaming experience for the players, providing them with cutting-edge equipment and scholarships. Every contribution, large or small, makes a significant difference. If you are interested in helping them out, please visit www.nwcollegefoundation.org/esports .

Elevate Your Home and Business with TCT’s Elite Fiber Internet

For those mesmerized by the success and seamless online gaming experience of Northwest College’s Esports team, there’s good news. That same level of high-speed fiber internet is within your reach, both for your home and business. TCT, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and unmatched service, offers residential and commercial solutions that promise buffer-free streaming, efficient online operations, and a gaming experience that’s second to none. If you would like to learn more or sign-up, check us out at https://tct.net/sign-up/ .

Residents and entrepreneurs of Powell, WY, have a unique opportunity to transform their digital ventures. Whether it’s maintaining smooth communication with business partners, ensuring your family enjoys a lag-free movie night, or diving into intense online gaming sessions, TCT’s fiber internet promises a world-class digital experience. Don’t just witness the revolution; be a part of it. With TCT, you can expect nothing but the best in connectivity, speed, and reliability. Give us a call today at 800-354-2911

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